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Sunday, 9 September 2012

2012 Outback Trek Blog Sections

During the 3 month period from June to September 2102 we did a long trip across several deserts and outback tracks across WA, NT and SA.

Our blog for this trip has been published in several sections:

Home to Great Central Road via Yulara

Great Central Road to 80 Mile Beach across the WA desert tracks, accompanied by Dave and Pauline
Port Hedland to Carnarvon down the Ningaloo coast
Carnarvon to Marble Bar across the inland of WA
Marble Bar to Derby via Broome
Derby across the Gibb River Road and Wyndham to Timber Creek
Timber Creek to Tennant Creek via Kununurra and Katherine
Tennant Creek to Alice Springs
Alice Springs to Home via the Old Andado and Oodnadatta Tracks

Our trip took us 14,000 km in 3 months across 3 states, 5 deserts and 10 outback tracks.

The tracks we covered were:

Great Central Road (from Yulara to Tjukyirla)

David Carnegie Road
Eagle Highway
Talawana Track
Canning Stock Route (centre section from Well 24 to Well 33)
Kidson Track
Gibb River Road
Parry Creek Road (Wyndham to Kununurra)
Old Andado Track
Oodnadatta Track

The deserts we crossed were:

Great Victoria Desert

Gibson Desert
Little and Great Sandy Deserts
Pedirka Desert
plus part of the Simpson Desert

Considering the pounding and difficulties on some of the tracks we've done, I continue to be impressed with the capabilities of our Oka. It's a 6 tonne monster but it's also our home and lifeline while in remote locations. It's not fast or nimble but there are not many places it hasn't successfully taken us to (and brought us back from).

We had no punctures (although 2 tyres have made their last trips), no major breakdowns (only a broken shock absorber mount) and only a few of the normal electrical problems. All the mechanical mods, upgrades and preparations worked fine.

So another very good trip, the best part being the Eagle Highway section (which has substantially disappeared from view now) while in the company of Dave and Pauline and several casks of wine.

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