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Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Travels in Nepal, February 1975

As part of our overland journey from the UK to Australia in 1974/5, we spent 2 glorious weeks in Nepal.

The countryside was scenic and peaceful and the Himalayas were spectacular and visible from almost everywhere.

Once you negotiate the lower foothill mountains from India, the Himalayas are an awe-inspiringly mind-blowingly beautiful sight and wherever you go in Nepal, especially at the western end, they are always there, huge, gleaming white, distant but seemingly close enough to touch.

The Nepalese people were very friendly and the ancient religious buildings and structures were very impressive.

So it was with great sadness we heard about and watched the unfolding earthquake disaster in April and May 2015, almost exactly 40 years after our visit.

This is a slideshow of our travels showing how things were in 1975. They may never be the same again.

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